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4th Grade to Salter Museum

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    On Monday, May 2, 2021 the Argonia 4th graders walked to the Salter Museum for a tour of Mrs. Salter's home. At the beginning of the school year, we studied famous Kansans.  Susanna Madora Salter was one of the Kansans we studied.  Currently, the class is working on biographies and a wax museum of famous Kansans.  One of the girls will be presenting Mrs. Salter.  The tour was conducted by Carol Pearce, Valerie Wade, and Joan Hemberger.  The class was divided into small groups so they could easily move around the rooms to see all the different artifacts. It was good to take a class to the museum again. We haven't gone for several years because of construction repairs to the exterior of the museum. The exterior looks so wonderful now! The kids loved learning about their local history and about how life was like back in the 1890s.  I asked each student to share something interesting from their experience.  

The thing I liked the most was the secret closet.  Summer T.

Today, I think that my favorite things were the quilts. Bentley H-R.

I learned that Susanna Madora Salter went to college at K-State.  With only six weeks left of college, she got sick and had to quit college. She never went back to college. They thought she would go back, but she never did. Piper K.

The faint bed. It's where people faint because their dress is too tight.  Dylan C.

The air vents in the ceilings/floors.  Henry P.

The closet that enters a different room.  Taygen T.

The piano that the only way you can play it is by paddling a pedal over and over again. Zach M.

The vents on the floor upstairs were to get warm air from downstairs to upstairs. Jack H.

The waffle maker because I like waffles a lot. Jordyn D. 

I really liked the secret closet! You could go into another room!! My second favorite was the scalpel. It has such a great design! Next are the dresses. They are so pretty! Emma G. 

My favorite thing about the Salter House was the closet that leads to another room. Faith F. 

I liked the secret room behind the closet, and the pots to use the bathroom. Amos J. 

My favorite thing that I learned was the staircases were uneven. There was also a closet, but when you looked inside there was a hallway to another room!  Hanna D.